society for deep ecology
The mission of the Terra Anima Society
is a deepened exploration of all layers of life (ecosystems, places, natural phenomena, animals, plants and minerals) that are connected to the soul (anima) and of their influence on the human spiritual evolution. You are welcome to follow our projects and to join us at workshops, lectures, storytelling or music nights ...
so we can together create and protect life
within us and without.
The fundamental purpose of deep ecology is simple: If we do not let go of our anthropocentric view of the world,
the Earth is destined to collapse.
Superficial reforms such as recycling can help,
but the only hope lies in the deeper, emotional, even spiritual
relationship to nature. Deep ecology
(the kind that is within us and the kind that is in the world around us) can offer us answers to the question WHY
and teaches us HOW.
Deep ecology
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