Sleeping in the hayloft Stay overnight in the hayloft, right there in the circular temple of horses, so close to them that you can hear their dreams. This unique space has been created only by women and is full of female power and creativity.
Enter a different world, step out of the busy routine of everyday life, turn off your phone and trust that the donkey alarm clock will wake you just at the right time. Use the square hay bales to build your bed or even your very own room and enjoy the view of the Alps as you look beyond the horizon of everyday limitations and spread the wings of your free heart. Treat yourself to a unique holiday, catch your own rhythm and purr with comfort like our family of cats.
During your stay, you can attend one of our programmes of working with horses. You can read a book from our library, you can meditate in the eagle's nest in the middle of the pasture, you can walk around the nearby Blata wetlands or the park of the Arboretum Volčji potok, you can borrow a bike and cycle the nice path along the river or climb the mountains... or you can take a sip of water from our Pegasus well of inspiration, awaken your creativity and create your own artist retreat.
From June to October. You can use the outdoor kitchen with fridge. Since we appreciate and treasure life, only vegetarian food is welcome here.


If you wish so, you can sleep also in a tent. Welcome.
All your contributions are spent by the horses that welcomed you into their home. To book a date for your overnight stay, you can contact Špela at or go to:
or 0038641 980 876 - Špela
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