Renting the place for
a good cause Organize your event in a space that is bubbling with creative energy. Move your get-together outside of four walls, into nature, to some fresh air and sunshine that will bring a new wind and more clarity to your thoughts and get your blood flowing. Invite you group of guests into an ambience that will convince them with its authenticity and style. And the herd of horses will emphasize your words with the sound of their hooves and make that an unforgettable event. Available for rent: Unique semicircle-shaped hayloft It can be transformed into an amphitheatre, a conference room or a classroom where your guests sit on cubes of hay with a wonderful view of the Alps. The hayloft is appropriate also for various workshops, seminars, presentations, concerts, film screenings and other cultural events. There is room for about 50 people in the hayloft and electrical outlets are available.
Sand playground
To practice yoga, dance and play various group dynamics games.
The garden
is a place for handicrafts and creative workshops, vegetarian picnics and celebrations. There is a great view of the horses and several different places to sit.

Available for rent from May to November.
There’s also an outdoor kitchen with a fridge and a fireplace.
Since we cherish and treasure life, only vegetarian food is welcome at our place.
For events that are closed to the public, the rent is €40 for an hour and all spaces are made available. Members of our society have more possibilities to rent and co-create our space.. For events that are open to the public, for organizations and individuals who wish to organize an event that in any way strengthens the human connection to pristine nature or protects and preserves it, we charge only 30% of the contributions collected for this event.
Ask Špela for further information at:
Cooperation is one of the foundations on which we built our centre. People who visited us say that this is a place that is full of life energy, a place of overflowing creativity, a paradise for the soul and a completely different world. It really is, because us three together with the herd of hairy beings, we breathe in its rhythm and work together in developing the greater story that is being written by our centre.
Renting the place for a good cause The event taking place in our centre will bring some fresh wind under your wings, your ambitions and the desires of your heart. For us, the financial means from the multifunctional use of our place will make it possible to continue writing our story. Welcome.
or 0038641 980 876 - Špela
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