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Protecting the forest and an old tree is protecting universal wisdom, thousand years of knowledge that pulsates somewhere deep, even inside of us... The more nature around us full of variety and life, the richer diversity there is in our inner world... When one goes deep into understanding a certain species of animals, various possibilities are opened up to develop its specific inner qualities in a human being... By supporting and protecting the wetlands, we feed the cauldron of creativity and creation inside us... Getting to know a river means getting to know the flow of life, passion and sensuality in us... What you feed grows. We believe that something that we invest into in the outer world, something that we nurture, protect and support, grows and flourishes also inside of us.
It’s the way it works. What you feed grows. An investment into preserving life in nature is in truth an investment into the growth and development of life inside us! Join us.


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