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The Terra Anima Centre is a special place. A place of female power and dedication of the heart, designed according to the principles of geomancy and dreamt, as well as built only by the hands of women.
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It was built in the honour of the horse, so our functioning stable in a sort of a horse temple where our Kiron Centre explores the spiritual dimension of horses.
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The drumming of horse’s hooves awakens the wells of inspiration in us, so this is a place of creativity where we drink the water from the source of Pegasus and research sacred forms of art.
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Anima art
Wetlands are World’s most endangered and most precious ecosystems. Welcome to learn about them and get inspired by their deeper importance on the soul level.
Loving the Wet.Land
As a home of the “Earth Soul” Terra Anima’s main purpose is to explore deeper layers of life and to host events that strengthen and re-establish our connection with pristine nature outside and within us. The donkey Bard taught us what it really means to prick up one's ears in order to hear the stories of those who do not tell them with words, so our hayloft became a place of storytelling and the stories that are told here speak of the deep wisdom from nature. … Take a peek at our calendar of events...
At our place, we take care of the garden and also of all the real things – heartiness, compassion and cooperation. We support all that is wild, genuine, joyful and we provide a place where you can be in touch with your soul, where you can be cradled in peacefulness that has a scent of hay and horses (and that probably sounds like the kitten purring in your lap!).
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or 0038641 980 876 - Špela
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